Special offer until the end of October…

Painlessly stop smoking with 1 step fully supported online session for only £45.00 (normally £95.00)
I can only take 50 applicants at this price, so it’s First come – First served!

  • Fully supported
  • Money back guarantee
  • Commitment required as you must really WANT TO STOP.
  • LESS than half the price of our normal program and LESS than the cost of a few packets of cigarettes!
I have a method of helping you to quit, even when you are apprehensive or worried about it. Our online sessions which are recorded especially for each client’s individual circumstances, will prepare you and give you the confidence and motivation to reach the decision to stop. And then the final session will enable you to become a permanent and happy non-smoker.
There is only one condition though: if you are looking for another method to try and fail then you will fail. But if you are genuinely ready to give it a serious go, then you will succeed.

It really does work. I have helped 100s to stop and used the same method to quit myself over 30 years ago. Just £45.00

Don’t wait any longer! Make a decision today!