When you HAVE to kick the smoking habit but don’t really want to…

Hypnosis has proved to be among the most effective and least stressful ways to kick the smoking habit. However, up until recently success has been dependent upon the level of commitment that smokers have towards stopping.
A conundrum
This is a bit of a ‘catch 22’ because a decision to stop (the mind set) has been necessary to guarantee success – once the smoker decides they really want to stop, the hypnosis allows this to happen without any sense of loss or deprivation. However, if the this level of commitment is not there when the ‘Hypnostop’ session is undertaken then then there is a good chance of failure.
But what if you know you really should stop for health reasons or you have to go into hospital where smoking is not allowed? You know you should stop smoking, but find it difficult to make that definite choice?
Good news  for committed smokers who need to stop.
We have recently developed a program especially to bring ‘reluctant quitters’ to the point where they are ready to stop so they can have the necessary mind-set to benefit from our ‘hypnostop’ session.
This ‘pre-hypnostop’ session is designed to help by removing the anticipated sense of ‘loss’, to introduce increased levels of confidence and to reduce stress levels. Also, it is designed to help the client become comfortable with the idea of being a non-smoker.
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