Recognizing Your Creative Self

Recognizing Your Creative Self
Adapted from the works of
Susan Jeffers, Ph.D.

There is so much beautiful art to appreciate. Paintings and images brighten our walls. Music of all types evoke our feelings. Books and movies tell moving stories. Creativity in all forms brings us joy, making the world a better place. Do you ever get the feeling that you are only a spectator of such creativity? That it is not within you? That you simply aren’t the ”creative type?” Look within yourself. Each and every one of us has the potential to be creative. Often we are already perfectly in touch with our creative selves, we just aren’t giving ourselves credit.

Creativity is a part of who we are, part of what makes us human. In today’s society, emphasis is put on limiting creativity in service to production. Deadlines, goals, appointments, and ”getting things done” are stressed. Yet these things serve our Lower Self. When we live only to get things done, fearing what will happen if we don’t, then we aren’t living our best life. And if we aren’t living our best life, we need to take another look at ourselves. We need to find our Higher Self.

The Higher Self is the dwelling place of all good things such as love, power, creativity, joy, satisfaction, and abundance.

Living through our Higher Selves, we can see that creativity is part of every day living. It is not something that only ”artists” can do. It is something we can all do if we open our hearts and minds to it.

Susan wrote in Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway, ”There is a body of psychologists who believe in the existence of the Higher Self and the influence it can exert upon the individual. They have proposed that this Higher Self is capable of a high degree of sensitivity and attunement to a harmonious flow within the universe. It is the container of many sublime virtues – creativity, intuition, trust, love, joy, inspiration, aspiration, caring, giving – everything we, in our heart of hearts, would like to experience.”

So many of us seem to be searching for something outside ourselves to make our lives complete. We see artists living their lives through the Higher Self and believe that it is unattainable, something we can’t ever experience. We tell ourselves that we don’t have any talent. That we have no imagination. That artistry is something other people were born with. None of that is true.

Creativity is more than talent, and we’re all born with a connection to it. The Universe grants every person born the same access to the creative. We are all capable of imagination, originality and individuality. We are all innately creative. Most artists who make their living through their creativity will tell you that it takes a lot of hard work to create. They have to really believe in it and be willing to put in the practical hard work to achieve worthwhile art. That intricate soothing sonata was not born in a burst of effortless creative frenzy, but after years of study and practice. The award-winning writer doesn’t just sit down one day and write the perfect novel. It takes practice. Hours and hours of thinking, reading, first tries and second tries and sometimes dozens of tries, before that novel takes shape.

Maybe you’re not inclined to dedicate your life to making timeless pieces of art, but there is no reason that you can’t be in touch with your inner creativity. We’re willing to bet that you are far more in tune with the creative side of yourself than you know. Think about the times that you tweaked a recipe, adding a little something extra, to make a dish fabulous. Think about that time at work when you came up with a more efficient way of doing something that cut a lot of time out of your schedule. Or when you were in the store last week and found the perfect throw pillows to complement your couch and curtains.

There are so many ways each of us is creative in our everyday lives, yet we don’t recognize it for what it is. We think of it as ”just the way we are,” and it’s true, but it doesn’t mean that it’s any less special. By connecting to our Higher Self and the creativity that comes with it, we are fulfilling our purpose to live our lives fully opening our hearts and minds to all the bounty that is both external and internal.

Susan said it best when she wrote: ”Having experienced life from the vantage point of both the Lower Self and the Higher Self, my choice is the latter. I will do whatever it takes to open myself up more and more to a mind and heart filled with love, joy, creativity, satisfaction, and peace.”

Connect with your Higher Self. Use your imagination. Find your creativity. And finally, give yourself some credit.

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