Can You Handle It?

Adapted from the works of
Susan Jeffers, Ph.D.

So many of Susan’s favorite affirmations were based on trust – ”I Can Handle It!” and ”It’s All Happening Perfectly,” just to name two. They are about trusting ourselves and trusting that the Universe is working for us. As she wrote in End the Struggle and Dance With Life , ”What I do know is that our human minds are not capable of understanding the Grand Design. I don’t know the larger dimensions of the Universe that are beyond my grasp as an ordinary mortal. What I have been learning to do is simply trust.”

Trust is not about having the answers. It’s not about having the full story. It’s about faith. Susan’s spiritual path taught her that she needed to trust that there are reasons for everything that happens. ”I may never understand what those reasons are, but that is irrelevant. When trust is there, explanations are unnecessary. I have been humbled by the miracles I have seen all around me; I no longer have to know all the whys. I have accepted the fact that there is so much I don’t know. There is so much I will never know. So when your Lower Self asks ‘Why?,’ just say to it…

I don’t know, but I trust it’s all happening perfectly.
It’s all part of the Grand Design.

Trusting without evidence can be an incredibly difficult undertaking, especially when we consider how most of us are brought up and educated. In Western society, we are taught to think only logically. Intuition, or what our ”gut” tells us, is often dismissed as irrelevant.

As Susan wrote so eloquently, ”When we add intuitive thinking to logical thinking, we expand enormously our inherent capability of living life in an incredibly powerful manner. We realize that we have available to us much more wisdom and guidance than we thought we had. The logical mind draws on the teachings of the physical plane; the intuitive mind draws on the teachings of the Spiritual plane. When the two are combined, our resources for guiding us into the future are unlimited.”

In order to combine the two, we need to retrain ourselves to listen to our intuition. A good way to begin is to spend some time each morning in contemplation or meditation. If there is something bothering you or a decision you need to make, ask yourself out loud ”What should I do?” Contemplate it for a few minutes then go about your day. As the day progresses, be aware of any feelings you have, any inner messages that suddenly pop into your mind. This is your intuitive mind speaking to you. When you receive a message, do what it asks of you, follow the ”urge.”

Retraining the way we think is not something we will accomplish in a day or two. It takes time and dedication, just like any practice. In the beginning, you may hear nothing, but eventually you’ll begin to sense the guidance of your intuition coming through. It may not be what you want to hear, but it will feelright. Trust that. ”I have found that when I listen to my intuition,” wrote Susan, ”I am led to places that I would have never gone had I listened only to the logic of my rational mind. And the results have been magical.”

You may have problems you’re struggling with or questions you want answered. Questions will always come up; so don’t drive yourself crazy trying to find the answers. Some questions have no answer. It is the mistrust, the fear, that drives the Lower Self and makes us demand an answer. Yet when we give in to our Lower Selves, we miss out on all the blessings in our life. So when the Lower Self wants to know ”Why?,” simply tell it, ”Because.” No further explanation is needed. When we trust ourselves and the Grand Design, we are listening to our Higher Selves and able to perceive and embrace all the good around us. Maybe one day the answers will come, maybe they won’t. Susan reminds us that it ultimately doesn’t matter because…

When trust is there, your life works beautifully whether you know the answers or not.

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