Dave Cole and Hypnotherapy

Dave Cole is fully qualified in Hypnotherapy…

Here is his story:

Dave’s interest in hypnosis started when he was around nine years of age when with some friends. They had got hold of an old medical dictionary and looked up ‘hypnosis’. Because of being the youngest and smallest, he was nominated to be the ‘guinea pig’. They sat him down and whilst swinging a watch in front of his eyes, started telling himI was going to sleep. After a while, Dave started to get bored and decided to go along with it and as a result, went into a light hypnotic trance. The friends panicked and ran away which in turn made him panic and, as a result, Dave developed a fascination of hypnosis…

“I was also fascinated……

Over the following years I read many psychology books and tried to find more information about hypnosis. But in the 1960s these were few and far between and some were rather sensationalist.

I continued to delve through the ‘murk’ and eventually found some light. There were some hypnotherapists around, and in the early 1970s more enlightened books were being published. Unfortunately though the medical profession were now trying to hijack hypnosis as their own and stating that it was dangerous in ‘non-medical’ hands.

I eventually signed up to one of the more ethical training institutions  in hypnotherapy and psychotherapy and passed the fairly stringent exams setting up in private practice and continuing in further studies in NLP and medical hypnosis.

I can say that I am lucky enough to enjoy a happy and successful life, mainly due to following the positive mind-set that I am teaching here.”


Diploma in Hypnosis and Psychotherapy – National College of Hypnosis and Psychotherapy.

Certified Hypnotherapist Mastery Level – American Board of Hypnotherapy

Certified medical Hypnosis Practitioner – Hypnotherapy for Health
(Specialising with pain issues)

General Hypnotherapy Register